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1. Yemaya’s Daughters by Dane Figueroa Edidi

2. The Black Emerald by Jeanne Thornton

3. a Safe Girl to Love by Casey Plett

4. He Mele a Hilo by Ryka Aoki

5. I’ve Got a Time Bomb by Sybil Lamb

6. Nevada by Imogen Binnie

7. The Drowning Girl by Caitlin R Kiernan

8. The Child Eater by Rachel Pollack

Facebook Adds Gender-Neutral Terms for Family Members


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Over the past six months I've been moving towards genderqueer/ non-binary, though I'm not sure if/how much I'll transition to be more masculine. I recently choose a new name for myself and those closest to me use that name and gender neutral pronouns. I'm applying to new jobs and am trying to make decisions about how "out" to be and how to transition to using a new name at work (without changing it legally yet). Any tips, guides, ideas? Thanks!


remember that you don’t have the physically transition to be genderqueer or nonbinary! But if decide you want to that’s great too.

resumes are not legal documents, so it’s perfectly ok to either put ‘Legal-Name “Preferred-Name” Last-Name’ (Like ‘John “Sarah” Smith’) or even just put your preferred name and dont include your legal name on your resume (although that means you would have to discuss with your employer that you go by a name that is not your legal name and you will still have to disclose your legal name in writing for payment purposes).

gender neutral pronouns at work are tricky because things like pronouns are not specified in non-discrimination policies for gender-identity (at least not in any that I’ve seen). I’ve worked a job using male pronouns (which are my if-you-have-to preference) but I so far havent managed to use they pronouns at work or school. Which isnt to say it cant be done, but you would have to speak to your employer about it.

if any followers have experience with gender-neutral pronouns in the work place feel free to respond.



please respect feminine non binary people.

please respect androgynous non binary people.

please respect masculine non binary people.

please always remember non binary people don’t have to dress in anyway to prove their gender identity to you.



basic spelling when it comes to trans terms, since these things tend to get misspelled fairly often:

  • transgender, not ‘transgendered’. you wouldn’t say someone is gayed; it’s the same thing here
  • trans, not trans*
  • remember to put the space. trans woman, trans man, trans non-binary person
  • not necessarily related to spelling, but don’t use ‘enby’ as a blanket term for all non-binary people. some of us don’t like it or are uncomfortable with it, and prefer ‘nb’ or ‘non-binary’. stick with non-binary until you know what a person is okay with
  • add on if you see this list and have something else to say

i thought of more things:

  • never use ‘it’ UNLESS the trans/non-binary person has specifically said it pronouns are fine. if the person wants you to use it pronouns only, and you refuse or use different pronouns, you are misgendering the person. yes, i know the history of the usage of ‘it’ against trans people. that doesn’t make it okay to misgender someone who has made the conscious decision to use ‘it’ for itself
  • FtM and MtF can be harmful. use these carefully; make sure the person you’re talking about/to is okay with these terms. on that note, don’t talk about trans people being trans to others without the person’s express permission
  • "used to be a boy/girl"/"became a boy/girl" = not okay
  • "opposite gender" erases non-binary people. try "all genders" or "another gender" instead




This is a casting call for a paid role. Check below the “Read More” line for the actual casting call. Please help us spread the word!

Watching our own pilot, something became apparent. While our show has POC actors, all were of lighter complexion, and we hadn’t created space for actors with darker skin tones. That meant we weren’t creating a show that our whole audience could see themselves in. That didn’t sit right.

Addie is a new role that we’ve added to the show. They’re a genderqueer POC (of darker complexion). At the start of the show, Addie and Su work together. Su moves on, but their lives intersect every once in a while.

Addie has a scene early on where they’re still presenting as a man, but in subsequent scenes are living out as a genderqueer / non-binary femme. Their role in the first season is limited, but their story stretches into future seasons.

Our casting call is below the “Read More” line. Please help us spread the word! This is an important opportunity for QTPOC actors!

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Rae Spoon - I Will Be a Wall 

we will count the days,

we will count the days,

we will grow tall and we’ll get away,

I will be a wall,

I will be a wall..

Song by nonbinary musician Rae Spoon, from their movie My Prairie Home


Normalize women with penises

Normalize men with vaginas

Normalize intersex people

Normalize singular neutral pronouns

Normalize diversity and crush stereotypes



I’m actually crying right now. Something that seemed impossible for me might actually happen in the future. I just hope this isn’t repealed by the time I feel comfortable enough in my life to transition. I know this doesn’t seem important to most people but this just gave me another reason to keep moving forward with my life. 🙏


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